Billing Information

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Water meters are read and billed monthly. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill. Each bill contains a delinquent date which is approximately two weeks after the date the meter was read. Inclement weather may prohibit meter reading occasionally. When meters can not be read, estimated bills based on past usage are prepared and mailed. Billing adjustments will be made as necessary the next time the meter is read.

Water Charge

The Waterworks Board bases the monthly water charge on the amount of water consumption registered on the water meter. The amount of water is measured in units. Each unit equals 748 gallons (100 cubic feet). A monthly base rate (minimum charge) of $15.00 is charged each month. This base rate also pays for the first two units of water usage. An additional charge is then made for each unit of usage above the first two units. (see Fees and Rates)

Please note that the water charge is the only revenue kept by the Waterworks. The Waterworks operates on water sales revenue only. All other fees and charges are transferred to the City of Leavenworth or the State of Kansas.

Other Charges on Water Bills

Sewer and Refuse. When applicable, the charges for these City of Leavenworth services are listed on and collected with the water bill to avoid excessive cost and inconveniences of separate, multiple billings. The Waterworks transfers these funds twice a month to the City of Leavenworth.

For established residential customers, the City of Leavenworth bases the monthly sewer charge on the amount of water usage on the bills for January, February and March (normally the months of least water usage). The average of the water usages for these three months is used to determine the monthly charge for the next 12-month sewer billing cycle beginning July 1st of each year. All new customers receive a sewer charge based on 7 units of water.

The monthly refuse charge, also set by the City of Leavenworth, is a standard amount for each household. This charge does not vary unless the City Commission changes the amount.

State Drinking Water Fees and Taxes. The Waterworks must collect various state drinking water fees from all customers. Most commercial customers must also pay Kansas state sales tax. The fees and taxes are listed separately on the monthly water bill. The Waterworks transfers all fee and tax revenues to the State of Kansas as directed.

Delinquent Accounts

Though the bill is due upon receipt, each monthly bill contains a delinquent date which is approximately two weeks after the date the meter was read. If payment is not received by the delinquent date, a reminder bill is generated and mailed. This second bill serves as a multi-purpose bill. For those customers that inadvertently did not pay, the notice simply reminds them the bill is delinquent; for customers needing an extension to pay their bill, it serves as a notice with a date and time to obtain an extension; and for those customers who do not pay nor make arrangements to pay, the bill is a reminder the account is delinquent and the water service is subject to disconnection.

Customers must insure the Waterworks receives payment immediately for a delinquent account or must come to the Waterworks office (no telephone extension) for a payment extension at the time and date noted on the second bill. The extension hearing gives the customer, or the customer's representative, a final opportunity to make payment or payment arrangements. The Waterworks Customer Service Representative is authorized to grant a maximum extension of one week for receipt of a delinquent payment. Water service can be disconnected immediately if the Waterworks does not receive the delinquent payment or if a payment extension hearing does not occur.

Water Losses & High Meter Readings

The customer remains responsible for paying the full amount of the water registered by the meter, even when the amount is much higher than the normal usage. The only exception is if the loss of water occurs through an underground leak. In this situation, the Waterworks may reduce one month's bill by one-half the amount in excess of normal monthly consumption. The customer must show first a statement/bill from a plumber which verifies the underground leak occurred and has been repaired.