Waterworks and Customer Responsibilities

The Waterworks is responsible for the distribution main in the street and public right-of-way, the service connection from the main to the meter pit or property line (whichever comes first), and the meter and materials in the meter pit up to the outgoing side of the meter. The customer is responsible for all other pipes and plumbing. This includes all portions of the service line on private property and the entire plumbing system in the home.

The delivery of water shall be at the service connection on the outgoing side of the water meter. Ownership of the water is transferred at this point from the Waterworks to the customer.

Any water line fully or in part dedicated to fire protection on private property (either by sprinkler or private fire hydrants) is the responsibility of the owner from its point of origin at the Waterworks main.

Meter Tampering

Meter tampering is not allowed. The consequence can be service disconnection, reconnection charges, security deposit increase, fines and damage assessments.

Service Interruptions

When interruption of service is necessary, the Waterworks reserves the right to turn off any main or service without notice and without liability for any damages to any person or property. A water main break is an example when water service must be interrupted, without prior notice to customers, so timely repairs can be made.

Backflow and Cross Connections

Federal and state regulations prohibit cross connections. Cross connections are places in a plumbing system where the water supply is, or can be, connected to a contaminated substance. When a pressure change occurs, the contaminated substance can siphon back (backflow) into the drinking water. Serious illness can result. Common possible backflow sources include garden hoses, swimming pools, and fire and lawn sprinkler systems. Vacuum breakers should be used on all hose connections. Fire and in-ground sprinkler systems must have an approved backflow prevention device. If you have questions or concerns please call the Leavenworth Waterworks.