To provide safe, reliable, high-quality water to our municipal and rural customers with superior service and value.


To set the standard for water utility excellence in terms of water-supply quality, reliability, affordability, regulatory compliance, technology, infrastructure enhancements, customer service, regional cooperation, sustainability, financial stability and management.


Provide the highest quality and the best value water (soft water) available in Leavenworth County. Invest in infrastructure improvements to meet the increasing water demands of the water districts and departments throughout Leavenworth County.

Independent Department

The Leavenworth Waterworks is an independent department, separate from the City of Leavenworth government. Please see Governing Board for information about our Waterworks Board.

Flood Updates

Repairs were completed and the South Water Plant returned to service at 4:00 AM today. Many thanks to the employees, contractors, and suppliers that made this possible in such a short time.

Last Updated: April 4, 2019 9:00 AM

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