Understanding Your Bill

Below is an example of a typical residential bill.  

  1.  Your account number.
  2. The address where water service was provided.
  3. The service period is the length of time you are being billed for water service.
  4. The meter’s current reading at the end of this service period. If an “E” appears after this number, the meter reading was estimated.
  5. The meter’s previous reading at the end of the last service period.
  6. Units of water usage during this billing cycle (1 unit = 748 gallons). Calculated by subtracting (5) Previous Reading from the (4) Current Reading.
  7. The amount due for water usage and the only revenue kept by Leavenworth Waterworks. See Fees & Rates for the current water prices.
  8. The City’s charge for sewer and refuse (trash collection). These funds are transferred twice a month to the City of Leavenworth.
    • The sewer charge is based on the average water usage for three months (January, February, March) and is used as the monthly charge for the next 12-month sewer billing cycle beginning July 1st of each year. All new customers receive a sewer charge based on 7 units of water.
    • The monthly refuse charge, also set by the City of Leavenworth, is the same amount for every household.
  9. The amount charged for the State Water Plan. We transfer all fee and tax revenues to the state of Kansas as directed.
  10. The date this bill was prepared.
  11. The date your current bill is due. This date does not replace any earlier due dates for previous balances.
  12. The total amount due on your account, including both current and previous balances.
  13. The mailing address.